5 Minute Easy Rowing Workout

This 5 Minute Easy Rowing Workout is perfect for Beginners. Getting started with the Rowing Machine is all about taking time to learn good Technique and building up the intensity slowly.

Workout Snapshot

Detail Time (min) Rate
Rowing warm up 5 min 5:00 20
1 x 5 min 5:00 22
Rowing cool down 5 min 5:00 20

Total Time: 15 min | Work Time: 5 min | Intensity: UT2 | Strokes: 310 | Avg Rate: 21 | Work Rate: 22


  • This is a good workout for rowing beginners.
  • Spend 5 minutes warming up doing some basic rowing drills.
  • Next, take a short break and get ready for the workout.
  • Row for 5 minutes at around 22 strokes per minute focusing on good rowing technique.
  • Keep the intensity at UT2 and the stroke rate no more than 22 strokes per minute.
  • Finally, warm down with some easy rowing and some light rowing stretches afterward.
  • UT2 5 minute warp up
  • Start with some easy half slide strokes for 1 minute
  • Go to full slide after 1 minute, rowing light at rate 18-20
  • After 2 minutes, increase your power and hold the rate steady at 18-20
  • After 3 minutes, increase power again to near UT2 pace at 20 strokes per minute
  • If you feel ready after 5 minutes, stop and get ready for the workout, otherwise continue rowing near UT2 pace for 1-2 minutes.
Pro Tips Pro

  1. Set your feet height to the optimum position
  2. Focus on using your legs during the leg drive phase
  3. Don't pull too hard with your arms
  4. Look at some rowing machine technique and drills to help with setting some basic positions while you are rowing.
  5. Be sure to stick to the suggested intensity and stroke rate.
  6. Also take the time to warm up and cool down after each rowing workout, ensuring to stretch properly afterward.

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