The Complete Guide to Start your Rowing Journey

Everything you need to Know to Master the Rowing Machine.

Important Things You'll Need to Learn

Develop Good Rowing Form & Technique

You'll need to learn the basics of good Rowing form and technique that will serve you for a lifetime. Using a solid proven framework, you will learn drills and exercises to develop gdood Form and technique.

Adjust your Training for your Goals

Whether you are aiming to a target level, time, pace or distance, or whether you have less-specific more general rowing goals, following the correct training plan for your goals is crucial.

Track Key Measures of Improvement to Stay Motivated

Knowing where you are at now and where you want to be needs to be measured. Learn effctive performance metrics to track your progress. Staying on track through highs and lows of motivation using tools, techniques and tactics.

Know Exactly what Pace to Workout At

Most Beginners either do too much or too little intensity. Lean why you need to build a foundational base of fitness before pushing hard. Get precise measures of training intensity zones to maximise your time and eliminate wasted effort.

Avoid Beginner Mistakes and Burning Out

There are common mistakes that all beginners make. Technical with form, training with intensity, warming up and cooling down, motivation and strength of mind approaches. All of these mistakes can be avoided or negated, learn how.

Develop Confidence to Make your Own Training Plan

All training plans have a some key things: 1. Structure, 2. Variety, 3. Measures of Intensity, 4. Flexibility. Using this framework and the tools in the book, you can learn how to build, test and adjust your own training plan.