Rowing Workouts Intensity Scale

Refer to this Rowing Workouts intensity scale as a guide to help you with your rowing workouts.

Intensity Scale

Zone Rate Feels Purpose
UT2 18-20 Easy, Relaxed with good rhythm. General Fitness/Recovery
UT2 20-22 Harder, but still Relaxed Base Aerobic Development
UT1 22-24 Strong Aerobic Workout Develop Good Aerobic Fitness
UT1 22-24 Heavy Aerobic Workout Build Excellent Aerobic Fitness
AT 24-26 Hard but Manageable Raise Anaerobic Threshold
TR1 26-28 Heavy Breathing towards the End of the Workout Transport Oxygen to Muscles
TR1 28-30 Getting Difficult, Heavy Breathing, Heavy Legs Transport Oxygen to Muscles
TR2 28-30 Very Difficult, Requires Full Effort and Managing Power Output Transport Oxygen to Muscles
TR2/AN 32-34 Very Powerful Develop Anaerobic Power
AN 34-40 Extreme Power - Maximum for short Periods of Time Develop Extreme High-End Power

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