Cross Training for Rowing

Running for Rowing Training

This can be a great cross training tool. It can be used to control weight, improve endurance, boost your CV system, improve your AT and make you mentally stronger.

running for rowing training

Cycling for Rowing

Great for endurance.

cycling for rowing training

Strength Weights for Rowing

Excellent for strength training for rowing. Tweak the weight, reps and exercise and you can work anything from flexibility to endurance to strength to raw power.

weights for rowing training

Circuit Training for Rowing

Great for endurance and aerobic/high aerobic training.

circuit training for rowing

Hill Running for Rowing

If you live close to a hill, hill running can boost V02 Max, endurance and strength for rowing.

hill running for rowing training

Nordic Running for Rowing

Good if you live in the mountains, lost of cross-country skiers use this for long endurance workouts in the summer.

nordic running for rowing training

Rowing Workouts for Football and Soccer

Have fun, why not? Once you stay injury free, playing a game that requires a lot of running is great for building endurance and power.

soccer for rowing training

All of the above will help you to learn new skills and use different movements, biomechanics and energy systems. This can only be a good thing, particularly if you have rowed for a long time and need a lift up to the next level. Alternative training for rowing will help you stay mentally fresh, help you stay physically balanced (thus hopefully preventing injury), and provide you with a new skill set to apply in adapting to changing rowing conditions, challenges and goals.

In Winter 2019, custom rowing training plans will be launched at This will be a new section, focusing specifically on cross training workouts that will compliment and support your general rowing program. Running, Cycling, Nordic and Weight training workouts will be added.

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