2k Race Rowing Training Workout

Raise your Anaerobic Threshold for a 2k Race with this Rowing Workout. Explode your Aerobic Power to Back yourself for that upcoming 2k Erg.

Workout Snapshot

Detail Time (min) Rate
Rowing warm up 15 min 15:00 22
1 x 15 min 15:00 24–28
Rowing cool down 10 min 10:00 20

Total Time: 40 min | Work Time: 15 min | Intensity: AT/TR | Strokes: 890 | Avg Rate: 26 | Work Rate: 26

AT TR hard difficult

  • Spend 15 minutes warming up following the warm up schedule for hard transportation intensity rowing here.
  • Next, get ready for the workout by taking a sip of water and focusing.
  • Row for 15 minutes at 26 – 28 strokes per minute at between Anaerobic Threshold Intensity and TR intensity.
  • Vary your rating and intensity freely.
  • Finish your rowing training session with an easy 10 cool down minute row.
  • TR Warm-up 15 min
  • Start with some easy half slide strokes for 1 minute
  • Go to full slide after 1 minute, rowing light at rate 18-20
  • After 2 minutes, increase your power to UT2 pace hold the rate at 18-20
  • After 5 minutes, go to UT1 pace.
  • After 7 minutes, stop and sip some water.
  • Start rowing again and row for 3 minutes at your UT1 pace.
  • Next, row light for 1 minute.
  • At 10 minutes, do 20 strokes at your AT pace.
  • Row light for 15 strokes.
  • Row hard again at AT/TR pace for 20 strokes
  • Row light for 15 strokes.
  • Row hard again for 20 strokes at your TR pace.
  • Row light and if you feel ready, stop and get ready for the workout
  • Otherwise you can do another 10 stokes at TR pace followed by a short rest.
Pro Tips Pro

  1. Keep your hands moving away at the finish for good rowing machine / erg technique.
  2. Don't work too hard during the early part of workout - wait until the last 1-2 minutes to push yourself if you feed good.
  3. Maintain your rhythm when the rate changes - avoid going too far off your target intensity.
  4. Get into a good flowing rhythm, moving the handle smoothly at the catch and at the finish while using your legs body and arms to power the rowing machine.
  5. Keep your face muscles relaxed when the going gets tough.

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