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7 Minute Pyramid Rowing Workout

7 Minute Pyramid Rowing Workout with a 3-1-3 minute rate change between 20 and 22 strokes per minute. This is perfect for beginners to learn rate changes.

Workout Snapshot

Detail Time (min) Rate
Rowing warm up 5 min 5:00 20
1 x 3 min 3:00 22
1 x 1 min 1:00 20
1 x 3 min 3:00 22
Rowing cool down 5 min 5:00 20

Total Time: 17 min | Work Time: 7 min | Intensity: UT2 | Strokes: 352 | Avg Rate: 21 | Work Rate: 22

beginner easy UT2

  • Spend the first 5 minutes warming up doing some basic rowing drills.
  • Next take a short break and get ready for the workout.
  • Row for 3 minutes at around 22 strokes per minute at UT2 intensity.
  • Then drop your stroke rate and intensity to 20 strokes per minute for 1 minute.
  • Finally raise your rate and intensity for 3 minutes back up to UT2 intensity.
  • Finish off by warming down with some easy rowing.
  • UT2 5 minute warp up
  • Start with some easy half slide strokes for 1 minute
  • Go to full slide after 1 minute, rowing light at rate 18-20
  • After 2 minutes, increase your power and hold the rate steady at 18-20
  • After 3 minutes, increase power again to near UT2 pace at 20 strokes per minute
  • If you feel ready after 5 minutes, stop and get ready for the workout, otherwise continue rowing near UT2 pace for 1-2 minutes.
Pro Tips Pro

  1. Play around with your power as you change the rate. Look to see if you can increase your pace/speed when the rate goes up.
  2. Keep the same good rowing rhythm when the rates change. Look for a ratio of 1:2 - 1 part drive phase and 2 parts recovery phase.
  3. Always focus on developing and maintaining good rowing technique.

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